European Business Summit (EBS) 2016 Regional Session with FEDRA

As regional business, public & political actors, join the EBS regional session and bridge the gap between your needs and the EU initiatives.


The European Business Summit (EBS) is the largest business policy event in Europe that attracts every year the European Commission President and most of the Vice Presidents and Commissioners in high level dialogues with leading European business stakeholders. The 2015 EBS session was covered by 250 reporters and the event gathered 2300 participants, 150 speakers and 10 EU commissioners in 2 days.

Creating growth through concrete involvement of regional actors is a key element for the future of Europe.

For the past 3 years, a specific session of the European Business Summit has been dedicated to the European regional dimension.

For the 15th edition of this Summit, that will take place on 1-2 June 2016, FEDRA & EBS are officially teaming up to design and organise the EBS Regional Session 2016. Our ambition is to identify and support entrepreneur initiatives in the EU regions as well as design new initiatives which will increase growth in EU regions.

To achieve these goals, FEDRA & EBS would like to work with a limited number of regional authorities and regional enterprises.

This regional session aims at creating in-depth debates on how concrete initiatives and best growth practices could enhance growth in EU regions and Europe, with the support of stakeholders in the European regions.

  • Identify successful regional entrepreneurs and assess their potential for European or global growth;
  • Facilitate dialogues between these successful regional entrepreneurs and representatives of EU programmes & policies that could unlock growth potential;
  • Identify and launch new initiatives to promote sustainable growth in EU regions.

The partnership starts in early 2016. In order to achieve tangible and lasting results, FEDRA’s goal is to create a community of regional growth partners to shape the high level dialogue.

Participate as a partner for the EBS 2016 regional session and get the 10 following benefits:

Overall EBS 2016 benefits

  • Exclusive right to be FEDRA’s regional champion in your specific sector;
  • Individual strategic meeting with FEDRA’s Team;
  • Invitation to preparatory workshops to design the content of the Regional Business Growth Session (RBGS);
  • Logo on all flyers and websites announcing the RGBS;
  • Reference to the partnership in all media release sent before and during the RBGS (at least 3 releases).

 At the European Business Summit 2016

  • Presence at the European Business Summit 2016 on 1st June as guest speaker in the Regional Business Growth Session (200 participants);
  • Tickets for up to 3 additional representatives or guests;
  • Brochures & hand outs in the pack of the regional session & on the FEDRA booth;
  • Information about your activities/initiatives through a roll-up displayed in the regional session conference room.

All year long

  • A one year full-membership to FEDRA which includes all FEDRA’s benefits (newsletters, e-alerts, webinars, briefings).

The unique price for the partnership is 7,500 euros excl. VAT. It includes all costs related to the delivery of the benefits listed above, with the exception for the brochures and hand-outs to be delivered by the partner 2 weeks prior to the event date.

Deadline for partnership application is the 31 March 2016.


Download our brochure to learn more about the benefits of participating to FEDRA's Regional Growth Session at the EBS 2016!

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