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EU Regions: The Untapped Potential To Engage At Grassroots Level


Build Evidence & Trust for your Projects

Although Europe is one of the largest global markets with over 500 million citizens/inhabitants spread over 300 regions, most communication, Public Affairs (PA) & Public Relations (PR) leaders are not aware of the assets and the diversity of the European regions and in fact have difficulties understanding how to engage with regional & local key players.

The paradox is that, on the one hand, EU officials/ leaders and Brussels media are overwhelmed with far too many communications and, on the other hand, business influencers/regional growth actors in about 300 European regions are often ignored. Demonstrating that your project will be beneficial for Europe should start with building evidence of its impact at the local level.

FEDRA: your communication & dissemination partner

FEDRA is an international non-profit organisation officially registered with EU institutions. Founding members of FEDRA are former EU leaders and recognised EU and regional affairs experts.

FEDRA has built a unique community of about 20,000 key players in more than 300 European regions.

Our community is made up of regional and local public authorities, policy-makers, media contacts, SMEs, as well as academic and business networks. Our community’s main objective is to promote sustainable & economic growth as well as to boost projects & initiatives between local/regional players and large international organisations.

How can we accelerate your engagement with regional Growth Actors?

FEDRA’s community attracts local individuals and regional business leaders who want to make their region stronger through our active network of Young Regional Ambassadors(YRA). Our Ambassadors dedicate their time and motivation to promote regional projects & initiatives they believe in.

As FEDRA’s community has a positive image with local media and leaders, we guarantee effective communication.

How do we work with our partners?

We apply the “SMART” principle to projects that we co-build with our partners. We first define what success looks like and then, we agree on goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely.

A 6-step methodology

We follow the state-of-the-art communication methodology to support FEDRA’s partners. Each project is clearly described using the following elements:

Infographic Dessimination3

FEDRA disseminated B2B bike cluster’s activities in 10 EU regions

sunset 1208263 1920 2Together with FEDRA, a cluster comprised of B2B bike companies and associations deployed an awareness campaign targeting local businesses and associations in 10 regions including Nord Pas de Calais, Loire Atlantique, Wallonia and Bratislava regions. Through various activities, such as information days, weeks for testing and on-line evaluation forms in 2015, FEDRA supported the cluster’s communication and succeeded in increasing the uses of bikes for commuting to work. In total, more than 300 enterprises tested the proposed solutions. 25% of these companies decided to set up a bike fleet for their employees.


More specifically, FEDRA:

  • Successfully reached more than 100 journalists across 10 regions;
  • Organised meeting with local municipalities in the regions to promote the initiative;
  • Promoted the Cluster’s activity locally and across Europe through FEDRA’s and YRAs’ social media;
  • Organised a press conference at the Press Club Brussels Europe with European journalists;
  • Designed and implemented a European dissemination strategy to enhance the cluster’s profile on the internet and in the regions.


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