DEA Missions to EU Presidencies organised by our partner CIDIC

The European Centre for Economic Diplomacy (CIDIC) was founded in 2010 at the suggestion of many Diplomats who shared their concern about the need for greater efficiency in establishing economic and academic contacts that are nowadays increasingly important in the exercise of their functions. This trend is now called "Economic and Academic Diplomacy".

The efficient side of CIDIC’s aims and the triangle "private, public and academic sectors" of FEDRA are common goals that will provide added value for our respective members.

By having this WIN-WIN partnership, FEDRA will participate every six months with the EU Presidency. Those specific and targeted DEA missions will give the opportunity for regions to promote their assets and create bonds between them as well as to meet representatives from the country which is holding the Presidency of the EU Council.


The Diplomatic, Economic & Academic mission is a tool for diplomatic, economic and academic representatives to support the economic measures undertaken by their Governments. These representatives act as an interface between national, regional and local private operators and those of the countries to which they are accredited, to find new markets for industrial products and services, and attract foreign investors in their territory. These missions are neither national nor federal missions, but CIDIC project. FEDRA is representing the regional dimension of these missions. Please note that it is possible for all FEDRA members to participate to the DEA missions.

Please find the programme of this semester's Diplomatic, Economic & Academic mission here. Furthermore, the DEA mission's team is able to organise tailor-made meetings based our members needs upon request. 

CIDIC's core business, in which FEDRA is keen to participare, is to organise similar meetings between enterprises and universities in each of the countries holding the Presidency of the European Union Council.

Admission criteria:

  • Be member of FEDRA - 2016;
  • Spoken languages: French, English.

Services available on request: translation, administration support, logistic assistance.

Registration fees include the following services:

  • Free and open access to seminars, conferences and organised workshops;
  • Search for businesses / partners based on your criteria in selected sectors;
  • An information pack as well as your personalised list of meetings;
  • Promotion of your presence by and in the media;
  • General event organisation and information desk at your disposal;
  • Invitation to official ceremonies, receptions or dinners.

 For more information, please email us at

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