Regional Flavours Initiative


Let’s boost the image of your local agrifood
products and open new markets!



One of the FEDRA’s main objectives is to help regional actors in or outside the European regions to place their products and services on the European map, to grow more rapidly and to create fruitful projects and cooperation.

In the world, Europe – but not only - has a large pool of culinary ingredients, both traditional and innovative, which makes Europe the leading destination for enjoying food and drinks.

Our remarkable regional culinary potential is not promoted enough between the European citizens themselves at a time when we need to find all the opportunities to promote growth in our regions.

The REGIONAL FLAVOURS INITIATIVE is a new project launched in the autumn of 2015 which will help to put your regional culinary products and ingredients on the European map.


In order to promote your regional agri-food, FEDRA seeks to pursue the following objectives with your regional agri-food actors:

  • Boost the visibility of your products in Brussels and within 300 European regions
  • Create useful connections with EU leaders in Brussels to promote the inclusion of your regional actors into EU projects
  • Raise the interest of media in Europe for your regional culinary stories and successes.


1. The concept

a) During one week, your regional culinary stories and successes will be made visible in a very innovative manner in Brussels with activities that will promote them as well in other EU regions (e.g. The European Week for Madeiras’ food & drinks);
b) The programme of events and visits in Brussels is based on a modular approach allowing you to select what is best for your region;
c) During this particular week, we would help your regional delegation make the best of your presence in the European capital.

2. The concrete implementation: A typical “Regional Flavours” Week

- Your delegation will arrive to Brussels on Tuesday (or before if you want to enjoy a week-end in Brussels). A briefing with the FEDRA team will take place on Tuesday evening (early dinner)
- Wednesday: A day of targeted face-to-face meetings with EU leaders to promote your regional actors and key products;
- Thursday: A day of Brussels networking activities for creating business links. In the evening: “The FEDRA Culinary Blind Test” involving two prominent EU leaders followed by a networking reception with Brussels based key players;
- During the week, ad hoc interviews with EU and international media (minimum 4 articles) to promote your regional culinary stories and successes.

3. Organisation – key activities before, during and after

4 weeks before: Up to 10 regional agri-food products will be selected and sent to our catering partner in Brussels. The programme will be designed with your contribution.

During: The weekly programme will be facilitated by FEDRA leaders.
After: Report & Strategic Recommendations to optimise the after-event impact.

A dedicated team at your disposal
FEDRA’s team will help you to prepare the programme for your delegation in terms of meetings, press contacts, venues and invitations.



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