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30 May

ITINARI: Your personal Tour Guide through Europe's regions

FEDRA is happy to announce a partnership with Itinari. One of FEDRA’s most important priority is to promote European regional assets as FEDRA highly values the importance of creating bottom-up project to support and revitalise growth and competitiveness in the European regions. This also includes travel and tourism which are also part of FEDRA’s key ecosystems.

The partnership is the explicit result of two young organisations working together. One at European level and the other at local level. In particular with travel and tourism these are also part of FEDRA’s key ecosystems. 

This partnership will provide opportunities for our Young Regional Ambassadors to promote their own region by creating their own regional webpage with information coming straight from the region. The Itinari platform makes it fun and easy for our YRA’s to keep us all updated on recent activities and events.

In overall, the final aim of our partnership is to promote activities by building on our respective expertise. FEDRA’s regional and youth involvement dimension and youth, with Itinari’s tourism and travel guidance.

So, how does Itinari work? Imagine that you have just arrived in a country that you have always wanted to visit but the only guidance tools you can rely on are vague travelling folders, Wikipedia or some dusty tour guide books. Instead of starting to organise your tour right on the spot, would it not be better if you are already well informed of the known, and less-known activities in the area to plan your own tour on what, when and how to visit your own hand-picked activities? Then let Itinari help you to organise your next trip!

The Itinari’s platform is an active actor in the e-tourism field. On the one hand the website helps young connected users to plan and organise your own dream trip according to your own wishes, while on the other hand Itinari’s online pages serve as a web-based tool to increase the reach of activities derived from actors in online tourism while promoting the region in the process.

Working with the website is simple. Go to the website:, write down your desired region, area or city into the search toolbar and get a clear overview of the activities in the area. The website also provides you with a clear overview of the map and if you find interesting events, you can start your planning.

If you wish to alter your programme before or during your trip or your travel companions wishes to add or cancel an activity, then your online tour guide is always accessible to add or cancel activities online. Because of this you will not lose track during your tour in Europe. 


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