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01 June

Meet our New Young Regional Ambassador of the month: KATARZYNA BOROWSKA

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Meet Katarzyna Borowska, The Young Regional Ambassador of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie region  

Katarzyna Borowska is one of our best motivated, enthusiastic and kind Young Regional Ambassador to the Kujawsko-Pomorskie region. Aged 29, from Brodnica Poland, she has finished her master degree in European Studies and works for the newly opened House of European History in Brussels.

Her first and biggest passion is to travel around Europe. Katarzyna loves hiking, especially in the mountainous areas. She is also very into bicycle trips, going from town to town with her luggage strapped to her bike. She believes that traveling around ‘enables you to perceive the world around you from a totally different perspective’. 

Katarzyna had always asked herself why she loves traveling and visiting other countries. Now she believes that it is out of curiosity and the willingness to interact with other regional cultures. For example try its cuisine and learn about other people and languages. She believes that by visiting news regions of Europe, Europeans can learn from each other, exchange ideas and become more open towards each other.  

Next to that, Katarzyna loves cooking. A good meal helps her to ‘seize the upcoming days, as a good healthy meal is the base of having a good and productive day’. It is relaxing work, and she likes it the healthy and balanced way.  

Talking a little bit about life philosophy, Katarzyna always tries to be the ‘best version’ of herself. That means, ‘always be enthusiastic and smile to people’. Who wouldn’t want such a sunshine around! 

The most important thing for her is freedom. She wants to be in charge of making her own decisions, endure the consequences and take responsibility. She loves the freedom in being herself. Meaning the right to make her own decisions on how she wants to live her life and how she treats her body.  

Katarzyna loves her family and friends. Her parents gave her the freedom to be independent and taught her to be responsible and persistent in the decisions that she makes. Of course she and her parents share different points of view on certain matters but she can always counts on the loving support of her parents. Without her friends and boyfriend, her life wouldn’t be the same. They give her the energy to go forward in life and they help her to seize the day! 

As a Young Regional Ambassador, Katarzyna believes that the people of Europe are the core of the EU. Not the politicians, presidents or EU institutions. She mentions that the people are the real contributors and beneficiaries of the EU policies, actions and reforms and you can find them in the regions, in places that they call their homes. 

Katarzyna acknowledges the importance of the regional dimension. She continues by saying that: ‘both regions and provinces are the most important parts that form the body of the EU. In the regions, people are living, working and creating their own identity alongside creating the identity of their regions, cities and towns’. 

She continues with mentioning one of the biggest advantages being in the EU. The ability to travel around between European countries without any problem, visiting other regions and meeting new people from the area. ‘It gives you a possibility to absorb the best practices and lifestyle of the regions and use them for the best later on in your life!’ 

Talking a little bit of her own region, the Kujawsko-Pomorsakie, is a beautiful region with lots of lakes and forests. The region has influenced Katarzyna from the very beginning. She loves the double character of the region, formed by a fusion of two different historical and geographical lands on both sides of the Wisla river. The region has two capitals: Bydgoszcz and Torun. The nature of the region is very unique. The locals call it the ‘green lungs; of Poland. 

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