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07 June

Le Marche region: The little-known pearl of Italy

Le Marche is a quite unknown region located between the Adriatic Sea and the Apennine mountains in the centre of Italy. I wish you could feel the same excitement that I feel while I am writing about it. That I can let you smell, taste and feel the sensation of this magnificent area. Our virtual trip throughout the Le Marche region starts with the question: what can we see there?

Starting from the seaside, Le Marche is the perfect place for travellers looking for a typical beach holiday. In this case, the small beach areas close to the Conero mountain are the perfect locations to relax while being surrounded by nature and calm. This is without any doubt one of my favourite places of the whole region. If we consider nature as a cultural attraction, as I do, Conero should be on your list for a full trip through the region. You can also choose to enjoy a walk in the small villages around the mountain like Sirolo and Numana to feel the atmosphere of Conero flow through you.

But we should move on to the countryside if we truly want to appreciate the most unknown and beautiful side of the region. Inland you can see some old treasures from the Renaissance period. For instance: Urbino, Raphael’s hometown, is a precious hill town with narrow streets and small houses and palaces built of weathered brick and pantiles cluster.

Moving to the south of the region, Macerata and Ascoli Piceno is definitely worth a visit. Macerata is a bustling medieval hill town, a short drive away from Urbino, with beautiful hills panoramas that are no less than the ones of Tuscany.

Ascoli Piceno lies in an ideal area near the Adriatic coast surrounded by mountains with two national parks: Parco Nazionale dei Monti Sibillini and Parco Nazionale dei Monti della Laga. The lovely Piazza del Popolo, the main square, has been deemed one of Italy’s most beautiful piazzas. There are plenty other places that I could describe to you to give a full impression of the region. Sites that will have a place in my heart forever.

Moving on to the very basis of Italian culture, I want to give you an impression of the several tastes from the typical products of the Le Marche region. The amount of typical food we have is quite impressive, especially for the variety: typical products start from “Brodetto all’anconetana”, a traditional tomato-based fish soup, to “Vincisgrassi”, our version of lasagne typically filled with ragù, mushrooms and ham. I wish you could taste these products because only talking about them makes me miss Italy already. Especially the cuisine of my grandmother.

Other traditional dishes are “Olive all’ascolana”, fried olives stuffed with meat and cheese and “Cremini” salty fried cream. Traditionally these two dishes go together with meat or fish and vegetables in the “Fritto Misto”. And how to forget “Ciauscolo”? This is a soft smoked pork sausage, perfect with crostini to do a quick appetizer. Hungry? I know, it is the same for me.

But Le Marche is more than culture and food. Le Marche is made of people. How to forget them after the destroying earthquakes of last year? Walking in the streets, especially in the areas where it hit the most, you can still feel the fear of the citizens. But Le Marche is a strong region, and together with the help of the thousands of people that visit us, buying our products and give us a hand, as well as with the commitment of the institutions, primarily of the EU, Le Marche will stand again.

-written by Ilaria La Torre 

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