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28 June


FEDRA’s President Edit HERCZOG


@ The 7th European Cohesion Forum (26-27th June)

logo buy from European Regions Charter

The Charter to Boost Business in European Regions and Cities

On the 27th of June, 2017, FEDRA’s President Edit Herczog presented the ‘’BUY from EUROPEAN REGIONS CHARTER’’ initiative during the 7th European Cohesion Forum in Brussels. The main goal of the charter is to boost and support local and regional businesses, products and craftsmanship from all across Europe.

In order to support business at regional and local level, each business, region, city, organisation or network will be able to show their support to the Charter by signing it.

With this Charter, our objective is to demonstrate that the vast majority of European citizens are ready to do something concrete for and in European regions” - President Herczog. We will share the results in October 2017, during the “Open Days”, and we will ask EU leaders to develop initiatives to promote the “Made in European Regions”.

The Charter is made of 8 calls for action

1. Support the manufacture or cultivation of high-quality local and regional products and produce in Europe;

2. Promote recognised European quality labels, such as PGI and PDO, in every European region;

3. Facilitate any process for purchasing products ‘Made in European Regions’ within the European Union and its regions;

4. Ensure that all EU policies do more to promote regional producers of organic and sustainable products;

5. Recognise and support talent and entrepreneurial spirit in EU regions; 

6. Encourage digital tools enabling local producers to promote and sell their regional products more easily;

7. Foster innovation in the production and distribution of regional products;

8. Regularly reassess the actual impact of this Charter on the services offered to citizens and entrepreneurs from all regions of the EU. 

Click HERE to sign the CHARTER!

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About FEDRA:

The Federation of Regional Growth Actors in Europe is a non-profit Brussels-based regional and EU Affairs expertise hub aiming at promoting European regional assets, boosting its members’ economic growth. Its main aim is not only to “bridge the gap” between the EU bubble and outstanding regional actors, but also to communicate with 20.000 key regional influencers in more than 300 European regions.

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