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30 June

Meet our New Young Local Representative of the month: RODRIGO FERREIRA DO AMARAL

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Meet Rodrigo Ferreira do Amaral, The Young LocaRepresentative of the Porto region in Portugal

Rodrigo is a young MA student in Development & International Cooperation, and currently works for the Portuguese Platform for Defence Industries as a Project Manager Assistant at the Ministry of Defence. He has also obtained a Bachelor in Political Science & International Relations, and is currently a Young Regional Ambassador of his region in Porto, Portugal.

Regarding his hobbies and associated work, Rodrigo enjoys certain pole positions in student associations, and is involved in several youth political organisations. Furthermore, Rodrigo knows what he is talking about when touching upon traveling. So far, he has visited more than 20 countries between Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa and North and South America.

Talking a little bit about his life philosophy, he continues by saying: ‘Life is meant to be lived, which means enjoying every moment, even the bad ones, and turn it into something positive!’. Rodrigo is also a very open-minded person. He believes that by travelling a lot, it will fulfil his need to know the unknown. Rodrigo continues by mentioning his key values: authenticity, determination, family, friendship, integrity, generosity, honesty, liberty, responsibility and success.

Rodrigo is a YLR from the city of Porto in the North of Portugal. He believes that the region, alongside the city of Porto are among the most dynamic and genuine places of his country. Its people, heritage and traditions partly date back to a period before Portugal was even founded.

‘‘This region could not be more familiar to me: I was born, raise and have lived in Porto. It is the Porto city, through the resilience of its people, culture and recognition of its institutions that make me a convinced defender of the deepening of cooperation within the framework of the European project and consequently the sustainable development for all European regions’’.

Due to his academic career as a student of Political Science and International Relations, and now as a MA student in Development and International Cooperation as well as his diverse civic and professional experiences, gave him the capabilities to fully recognize and contribute to the huge potential of the Porto region, especially in economic and cultural terms. 

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