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31 July

Salerno: one of the best cities in Europe for the best quality/price ratio

According to Trivago’s ranking on the best Italian and European cities, magnificent Salerno, that is the city where I live, goes to the ninth place in the top ten, and is on the fifty-fourth place of the best cities of the continent.

Trivago has drawn up the ranking by creating a precise index, called the Best Value City Index. In the list, the top 100 European cities that have the best quality for accommodation facilities are included. In Italy, Salerno brings Campania to the highest position, assessing at the ninth place! 

800px Boscoreale Pompei Vesuvius Campania Italy 2013

In the ranking, Salerno has an index of 95.05, with an average price for a double room of 78 euros per night. The Trivago Best Value Index indicates destinations with the best quality/price ratio using an algorithm that combines two other indexes: Trivago Hotel Price Index (tHPI) and Trivago Reputation Ranking for hotels (tRIs).  The tBVI score ranges from 0 to 100 and it is awarded by combining reviews issued by users with the average hotel price. The ranking takes into account destinations with at least 50 hotels, a minimum of 150 hotel reviews and hotel availability throughout the year. 

Amalfi Italy Campania Coast Amalfi Coast Cliff 2254776

It seems that for those tourists who want to visit the beautiful Amalfitan Coast and the surrounding area, staying in Salerno is the right choice for what concerning both the quality of the facilities and the proximity to the coast that is convenient. Staying in Salerno allows the tourists to discover its beauties that include among others: the Duomo, the Diocesan Museum, the Minerva Gardens, the many culinary fairs that take place in summer and that are just some of the treasures that a beautiful destination like Salerno offers to tourists. 

- Paolo Notarangelo

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