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04 August

Meet our New Young Regional Ambassador of the month: AIDA AMIR ASLANI

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Meet Aida Amir Aslani, The Young Regional Ambassador of the Catania region in Sicily, Italy 

Aida Amir Aslani is among one of our most enthusiastic, motivated and kind Young Regional Ambassadors, currently representing and living in the region of Catania, in Sicily, Italy.

She loves the island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea because she has a passion for the very rich culture, history, heritage and traditions. She also believes that the island geopolitically is very important as Sicily is located between three continents.

Furthermore, Aida states that: ‘‘Despite the fact that there is a considerable gap between Northern and Southern parts of Italy socially and economically, this region in the recent years has striven to benefit more from its potentials and resources to bridge this gap than ever before!’’. But next to all that that she just highly appreciates the climate! 

When Aida is asked what her hobbies and associated works include, she quickly responded: traveling and socializing! This adds to her life philosophies which is in her own words are: ‘‘Enjoy life and let others enjoy life as well. Never stop learning new things as long as you live. Travelling can teach us many things, and more importantly we can meet new people and make new friends. Time is money, so don’t waste it!’’.

As a journalist and public relations expert, she has 10 years of experience in the media and communication fields. She is currently working for the Institute of Islamic Strategic Affairs and has significant experience in data gathering, content and discourse analysis, writing reports, editing and has an excellent knowledge regarding Iran’s Political, Social, Economic and Cultural Affairs.

While in Iran, she has worked as a Public Relations officer at the Iranian ICT Guild Organisation, Media Expert at the Ministry of Export and Transportation of Iran, Content Manager of the in-house Magazine at the Export Development Bank of Iran and worked for several newspapers and media platforms.

Next to her extensive work experience, Aida also has a magnificent academic background. She has finished her B.A in Public Relations at the University of Applied Sciences of Iran and acquired three master’s degrees: Master of Business Administration (MBA), Sciences and Communication (M.A) and Global Politics and Euro-Mediterranean Relations (M.A). The latter is particular focused on topics such as migration policies, the role of media towards migrants and migrant’s rights. She has also followed many seminars, workshops and training courses from all across Europe.

Aida believes that the things that are most important in life include: Honesty and respect for different opinions and ideas. She is always open to discussion and debate as long as there is mutual respect to one and other. She continues to say that if you want to achieve your life goals: ‘’determination, commitment, cooperation and hope are the right tools in order to prevail!’’.

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