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02 October


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Meet Claudia Succi  Young Local Representative in Isernia (Molise region, Italy)


Claudia has an academic background in International Relations with a Master’s degree from Università degli Studi di Napoli “L’Orientale”. Later, she attended a one-year postgraduate course in International and Diplomatic Careers from Università degli Studi di Firenze. She is currently enrolled in a “Diploma in European Affairs”, and European issues - such as environment, energy, foreign policy – are some topics of the course. 

She gained a clear understanding of the entrepreneurial system existing in her region with her experience at the Chamber of Commerce in Isernia. "I developed strong interest in supporting the internationalization process as I firstly became concretely acquainted with the difficulties local players met (and still meet) in promoting their region and their products."

After that, she took advantage of the Leonardo da Vinci programme and had a fully inspiring and amazing mobility experience in France where she worked for the European Department of a national Public Administration and was mainly responsible for the research and analysis of EU programmes and funds for SMEs.

As a consequence of her interest in EU policies, she also worked at the European Parliament where she gained remarkable experience and expertise in research, drafting papers of different nature and content and monitoring parliamentary committees.

Apart from EU public affairs, Claudia enjoys travelling, meeting new people and learning about their culture. She also loves art, Impressionist painting in particular, and Italian sculpture and architecture.

"Photography is the last passion to come up. I enjoy impressing moments of daily life and taking pictures of natural landscapes. I think that biodiversity and the various scenarios my region offers highly helps me to diversify subjects and get practice with my camera. I also like taking pictures of people, namely face and hands: I think those two parts of our body can say a lot about ourselves.

During my spare time I also like helping people. Therefore, I have been volunteering for the UNICEF local committee for three years; I am mainly involved in the fund raising as well as advocacy activity in my area. I am also responsible for the internal and external communication and social media management."

Her life philosophy can simply be summed up in just one sentence: “engage in life and find your way, by learning something new every day”.

"Life has to be inspired and guided by goals. Feeling motivated and determined to achieve the fixed results is what pushes you to do something good every single day. Learning something new daily is a source of inspiration and a step for improvement. I believe that everybody has a strong potential and should be willing to use it. The others can help you in reaching that; you just need to be humble, brave and prompt.

Mutual respect and honesty play an important role in my life. I think that being honest is fundamental when dealing with people, as well as it is fundamental when dealing with yourself. Having respect for what is around us and for people we meet during our daily life means to recognise their value. I believe that life can be better with mutual support; therefore, as a volunteer, I am convinced that everybody should help the other, whenever possible. Not only is helping each other beneficial to the others, but also it makes us feel happier and do something good and positive.

Although fully convinced that it is tough to inspire people to behave like that, I am nevertheless confident about improving our existence with simple actions, starting from the bottom of the society."

When aked :"Why do you think the regional level is important for the European Union?", Claudia response was: 

"What we should be aware of is that, despite the several attempts, there is still a huge gap between the EU Institutions – the so called EU bubble -  and the European citizens and consumers. Therefore, I am fully convinced that we need to work harder to fill the gap and regional actors are key partner in this process. As I come from Molise, a region with a strong power but unfortunately not totally capable of exploiting it, I am deeply conscious of the distance existing between Brussels and small regions. Consequently, I think that, since EU is made up of almost 500 million citizens, it is undoubtedly necessary to create a stronger and more effective connection and it is evident that regional actors are requested to play the hardest part of the job. Being close to people, regions can definitely have a clearer understanding of what citizens think and how they see their life being improved. That closeness would be advantageous when working at the EU level to decide how to improve quality life and when making decisions aimed at having a strong impact on our daily existence. Transport, tourism and competitiveness for SMEs are core regional topics and a greater involvement of regional and local authorities could be of mutual advantage when they assess how to help regional entrepreneurs to increase productivity or when the institutions implement transport connections across Europe. A bottom-up approach is largely effective to provide concrete solutions to the regional problems stemming from the gap. This is also the main reason why I decided to join FEDRA and make my contribution to a cause I believe in."

FEDRA is honored to have Claudia as part of its programme and will continue to do its best to help young people like her make our society a better one.

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