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31 August

Feedback on the Young Regional Ambassadors' Briefing

Our first Press Conference and Diplomatic Briefing was organised at the Press Club Brussels Europe on Thursday 27 August to present our “Young Regional Ambassadors” initiative to the European press and diplomatic community in the presence of our first Strategic Partner, Brussels Airlines, and our first Regional Champion, Crown World Mobility!

FEDRA was happy to present its results reached in one month: 114 Young Regional Ambassadors applicants through 21 countries and 56 regions.

The Young Regional Ambassadors (YRA) are regional-minded students or young professionals between 22 and 30 who are willing to help their regions to grow on the European stage: “If our Young Regional Ambassadors bring their regional actors to Europe. FEDRA will connect them to other actors and support their local and regional projects, to fill in the gap with Europe” said Pascal Goergen, Secretary General of FEDRA.

It is a win-win project as YRAs have access to all our services as full members, gain concrete visibility at regional and European levels as well as the possibility to expand their professional network.

The audience had the chance to meet 5 highly motivated Young Regional Ambassadors who came specifically to Brussels to attend the event! Our first Young Regional Ambassador, Agata Fornassari, also took the floor to present her motivations to take part of the project and her expectations.

If you want to know more about the briefing, please find our press release: Click here.

If you want to become a YRA or to give the opportunity of your acquaintances to participate to this initiative, please do not hesitate to apply here as well as to spread the word.

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