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13 April

FEDRA organises a Chocolate Award at the European Business Summit 2016!

FEDRA’s Regional Growth Session at the European Business Summit (EBS) on 1 June 2016 will gather between 150 and 200 stakeholders from 80 to 100 different regions, and FEDRA decided to use the opportunity to promote regional chocolate producers across Europe.

The award winner will:

  • Receive the Regional Chocolate Award from the hands of the Belgian Federal Minister in charge of SMEs, Mr. Willy Borsus, in front of an audience comprised of journalists, European officials and stakeholders from the business sectors;
  • Be granted with a special advertising space in FEDRA’s weekly newsletter for a month-period;
  • Benefit from a post-event communication campaign organised by FEDRA to promote the winner’s products towards 20.000 Regional Growth Actors in more than 300 European regions.

FEDRA’s Chocolate Award is in line with the “Regional Flavours initiative”, a project that was launched in autumn 2015 that helps put regional culinary products and ingredients on the European map.

- Present one type of chocolate praline made out of dark chocolate (at least 70%);
- Produce this piece in 200 identical copies (with no name nor distinguishing features on the praline);
- The pralines need to be between 10g and 15g, and cannot exceed a size of 4x4x4 cm;
- The producers are invited to send some promotion materials (flyers, leaflets, etc. containing the logo, the range of products and philosophy of the company).

Seize your chance and apply now by sending us an email at!

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