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07 June

Stratasys at FEDRA’s Regional Growth Session: “3D printing will become a mainstream part of the companies’ industrial process”

Stratasys, the leading player in 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing (AM), was FEDRA’s partner during its Regional Growth Session at the European Business Summit (EBS) on the 1st of June. Ben Lazarus, Stratasys’ Vice President for Business Transformation, made an inspiring speech on the impact of 3D printing on our daily lives!

3D printing is part of a broader transformation and a disruption of industrial processes that companies and the world are going through” said Ben Lazarus.

Indeed, the AM technologies represent a growing field of interests and opportunities for the business sector - specifically for Aerospace, Automotive, Medical and Oil & Gas - but also for political leaders and legislators, both at European and National levels.

According to FEDRA’s senior advisor, Frédéric Soudain, “most of the challenges that AM are facing, are either too difficult or too risky for businesses to tackle them on their own and governments should participate in supporting the research and innovation linked to the AM technologies”. This is one of the reasons why FEDRA invited people from the public, private and academic sectors to participate to its Regional Growth Session

For Stratasys’ representative the future of the 3D printing is clear: "The world of industry coming forward, the majority of industries will be highly sophisticated factories producing highly sophisticated products. That's where 3D printing has a big advantage!”

This is why the participation of a 3D printing company was so important for a session on regional growth.

Don’t hesitate to check the website of our partner Stratasys for more information!

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