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Apulia region (IT): Tarantula, a symbol of tradition and growth @Gleamlight
09 September

Apulia region (IT): Tarantula, a symbol of tradition and growth

Once again this year, the folkloristic Notte della Taranta (The Night of The Tarantula) Festival took place in the historical region of Salento, in Apulia (Italy). The music festival lasted for approximately nineteen days, ending on August 27 with the usual big concert of the village of Melpignano.

Legend has it that in the farms of Salento the only way to survive a tarantula’s bite was to dance the poison out. It was from this conviction that came the well-known traditional dance called ‘pizzica’. Hence, La Notte della Taranta symbolises its ultimate celebration.

This story left aside, the music festival represents nowadays an essential element of the rich cultural heritage of Apulia, as well as an event of paramount importance to the economy of the region, especially to the tourism sector. In the last years, the initiative has had a great impact at both national and international levels, gathering up to 150,000 participants in its 2015 edition, and fostering increasing investments and business opportunities in the area.

Additionally, the legend itself has drawn the attention of several national and international research institutions and universities, which have consistently carried out publications, studies and workshops on the topic.

Written by: 

Fabio Orlando - YLR in Taranto

Public Affairs professional

Fabio Orlando                                                        Puglia 01  

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