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16 September

Slovakia, a good environment for growth initiatives


As Slovakia holds for the first time the Presidency of the Council of the EU, this year, between July 1st, and December 31st, the attention in the EU sphere is directed towards this 2004 member.

The territory of Slovakia is divided into 8 regions built around the main cities of the country. However, this does not mean that the country’s social, political and economic sectors are based only in the metropolitan areas. Each region has its own culture and the “rural element” is an important characteristic of Slovakia’s economy, as about 45% of the population lives in small villages, with fewer than 5,000 inhabitants. This administrative division and also the efficient government, have led the country’s economy to flourish.

It seems like Slovakia is the right place to host the growth initiatives of different actors, Slovakian or foreign ones. To encourage the latter, this country has a lot of assets: political economic stability, it belongs to the Euro, it has a direct international air services, competitive taxation system, progressive businesses and investment legislations and availability of highly skilled and educated workforce. Everything a skilled entrepreneur, an organisation, or any other kind of institution might need in order to develop.

As a supranational organization, the EU has a set of priorities in order to progress. One of them is building a strong single market. In the context of the EU Presidency, Slovakia contributes to the achievement of this goal, hence it tries to open up to new initiatives, and will take on different development projects that will result in the country’s future growth. For the same purpose, this country set itself four general objectives (an Economically Strong Europe, a Modern Single European Market, Sustainable Migration and Asylum Policies and a Globally Engaged Europe) and three principles (Achieving tangible results, Overcoming fragmentation and Focusing on the citizen) closely related to the regional development.

FEDRA, as a regional and EU Affairs expertise hub aiming at promoting European regional assets encourages all growth actors to consider Slovakia and its assets when taking the opportunity to launch new initiatives, regardless of the sector of activity. Also, through its Young Regional Ambassadors, FEDRA wishes to bring closer to the EU bubble the key regional growth actors form different parts of Slovakia. Even though the YRA community has two Slovak representatives from the Bratislavsky and Zilinský areas, the admission sessions are open for new members willing to represent either other regions, or different cities in the country.

If you are a public or private institution, or an organisation from Slovakia, and would like to become part of FEDRA’s community in order to gain access to knowledge and news concerning the EU development policies, contact us at Also, you can subscribe to FEDRA’s monthly newsletter to find out more about regional growth initiatives in the EU.

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