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21 September

FEDRA’s community met for a cocktail party

Significant figures in FEDRA's community got together in a friendly environment, at the organisation's office in Brussels. Honorary committee members, YRAs, FEDRA's experts, its secretarial staff, representatives of Vox Teneo, and, FEDRA's partners in creating the NeoConnect platform, they all talked about the organisation's progress, but also about its current challenges and future plans.

Pascal Goergen, FEDRA's Secretary General, took the stage and talked about the fast growing YRA community, which has now 96 members, and mentioned the fact that more youth should decide to become Young Regional Representatives in order for even more regions in the EU to develop. As this people can bring the growth actors from their areas closer to the EU sphere, many initiatives could develop, if the former join a community of likeminded people. As part of his speech, the Secretary General mentioned the organisation's values, and their importance in the development of current priorities, such as: reaching even more regional growth actors, expanding the YRA community, and interconnecting communities through the NeoConnect digital tool.  The discourse ended with the presentation of the 3 concepts FEDRA revolves around: regions, growth,  and digitalization, since all these guide the organisation’s future activities.

This cocktail party was also a good chance for the YRAs based in Brussels to meet up, to know FEDRA’s experts and some of its HC members, and to build up connections which could lead to them better representing their regions. We thank all those who were present during this amazing evening, and we look forward to organising the next fruitful event.

You can feel the relaxed atmosphere at the event, here:

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