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23 September

Rhone-Alpes Region (FR): The Energy Master Plan, a metropolitan initiative

In June 2015, the Metropole de Lyon officially launched the Energy Master Plan, in attendance of Gerard Collomb, President of the Metropole and senator.

This Energy Master Plan consists of a public strategic planning in the field of energy. In fact, energy has turned into a priority for the Metropole de Lyon after the law of modernisation of public administration, and the creation of the administrative status of the Metropole, in January 2015.

Thus, after its first approach on energy planning with the Territorial Climate and Energy Plan (2012), the Metropole de Lyon has decided to play exemplarily, being among the first metropolis in France to create such a Master Plan.

Following Dunkerque’s way through the top goal of reducing consumption and raising the contribution of renewable energies in the total mix, Lyon chose to offer the local actors a huge place in the governance. Indeed, the Energy Master Plan is a multiple-partner approach that gathers network operators, associations, research & teaching organisations, companies, start-ups, and other local actors that feel the need to get involved in this. This is, however, acting in a particularly innovative way, because it presents a diagnosis of the actual metropolitan territory, aiming at projecting itself in 2030 and making ambitious choices for reducing Lyon’s energy consumption. The scenarios will be presented throughout the summer of 2017.

A local initiative that reflects itself in the dominant practice in Europe of shifting towards alternative sources of energy.

Written by:

Hélène Richard - YRA in Rhone-Alpes

Master degree in International Relations, Diplomacy & Public Administration

Hlne Richard                                        a                                                                        

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