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Abruzzo (IT): Have a dinner with the Byzantines, in Crecchio Stefano Carulli
30 September

Abruzzo (IT): Have a dinner with the Byzantines, in Crecchio

Crecchio is my hometown, the place where I grew up in, and my biggest love. This picturesque and medieval-looking village which is situated half-way between the Adriatic coast and the mastodontic Apenines, is the birthplace of one of the most awaited events in the whole province of Chieti: ‘A Cena con i Bizantini’ (Dinining with the Byzantines).

‘A Cena con i Bizantini’ is a three-day long event which has been attracting thousands of visitors from all over the region, and the country, for over a decade, bringing this quiet and peaceful village back to life every summer. The event represents a vivid and breathtaking journey into the Byzantine history of the region, through cultural events, guided tours of the local Museum of Early Medieval and Byzantine Abruzzo (which is located in a castle that dates back to the 13th century), reconstructions of the Byzantine society – with several parades being organised every night – and last but not least, etno-gastronomic opportunities in every corner of the citadel.

As a Young Local Representative for FEDRA, I am proud to represent such a small village with so much potential, and I truly hope that, when given the chance, other like-minded visitors from all over Europe will enjoy the magical atmosphere that only a site like Crecchio can to offer.

Written by: 

Stefano Carulli - YLR in Crecchio

(Abruzzo - Italy)

Graduate student in International Relations and International Organisations

StefanoCarulli                          Crecchio Stemma final


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