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Albania, the land of great economic opportunities Denis Kapexhiu /
05 October

Albania, the land of great economic opportunities

Between 26th and 28th September, 2016, Frederic Soudain, FEDRA Senior Advisor, travelled to Albania as part of an official visit organised by the European Commission DG Near (Directorate-General for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations).

This trip was part of DG NEAR’s initiative to bring together representatives from different business organisations in the EU states and their counterparts in the European countries currently negotiating adhesion. The program of this visit included meetings with Albanian officials, local business people, and investment promotion organisations.

FEDRA saw the potential in this visit and seized the opportunity to engage with organisations focused on promoting the Albanian cuisine. The Regional Flavours Initiative was presented as an opportunity for the country to gain access to the EU food market, meet potential partners, investors, or clients, and also to promote one of its most precious cultural assets. Besidesits food, Albania has great geographical potential, and natural resources unknown to most foreigners. One of these, its fresh water supply, the 3rd largest in Europe, constitutes a good reason for water management stakeholders to prospect the area and plan investments meant to boost the nation’s economy.

The ongoing reforms in Albania bring the country closer and closer to becoming an EU member, hence this state will soon offer the proper economic, administrative, and social conditions for entrepreneurs to make investments and to launch growth initiatives.

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