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13 October

“Europe is as strong as the weakest region in the union”. Interview with Bulgarian MEP Andrey Novakov - Part 2

Ten years ago, MEP Lambert Van Nistelrooij tried to make a synergy between the structural funds and the Horizon 2020 objectives. Mr. Novakov has the same ambition. His secret is to coordinate all actions towards an only goal, and to “attract priority investors via EFSI and the Junker plan, use the grants we have, and combine them”. Fortunately, there are people in the Parliament, and in the Commission who support this action plan. However, another plan, one more close to his heart, is the current object of Andrey Novakov's attention. This is the ALECO (Achieve Leadership in Entrepreneurship in Cooperation and Opportunities) programme, which has been recently initiated by him. The goal of this programme is to open international markets to young entrepreneurs from the EU.

Until now, the Erasmus+ for Young Entrepreneurs has been the only programme providing the European youth with the opportunity to learn new business and management skills in other EU countries. But there are business models outside the EU “which are much more developed: China, US, Singapore, Japan, Canada, etc. And if one wants to be on the top, one has to learn from the companies there.” Thanks to Mr Novakov’s vision and efforts, now Europe has ALECO. More precisely, “what ALECO does is to send people outside the European Union to take the best practices of the businesses where they are: Sidney, Beijing, New York, and come back to the Union to implement knowledge.” The pilot project that is due to launch in 2017, at first for only 200 trainees, benefits from a recent approved budget of 700.000 to 800.000 euros. Within this project an interactive platform will be built, to allows debuting entrepreneurs to access information about funding opportunities, investments, and available technology in order for them to launch or improve their businesses. Mr. Novakov also thought about the pragmatic aspects regarding the admission into the programme, thus the procedure would rely on the “existing infrastructures we have got now for Erasmus Young Entrepreneurs to cover the new programme”.

Since the MEP is very much interested in the regional growth in the EU, and he believes in the power of the young people to contribute to the progress of the Union, FEDRA’s Young Regional Ambasssador initiative got his attention. Mr. Novakov decided to join FEDRA’s efforts and accepted to become a member of the Honorary Committee, and a supporter of the Young Regional Ambassador initiative (YRA). It was also settled that some regional initiatives in Bulgaria could benefit from the help of the Federation, and so further steps will be made towards reaching more and more Bulgarian growth actors. FEDRA would like to thank Mr. Novakov his support, and also for sharing his opinion about the present, the future, the threats and the opportunities in the EU.

If you wish to learn about Mr. Novakov’s work, contact his office at:

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