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14 October

Isernia (IT): XXII “Frammenti d'Antico” - A leap into the past in Bagnoli del Trigno

“Frammenti d’Antico” (“Fragments of the Past”), an event which calls back the past, is hosted every year in Bagnoli del Trigno (IS), on august 18th. It is sponsored by Regione Molise, Provincia di Isernia, and the CCIAA, and it draws 20.000 people every year.

This event offers a revival of medieval life scenes letting tourists discover the village as it is now, as well as its past. Visitors breath the historic atmosphere and actively join the activities: they take part in the Duke and his court parade, or they choose to wear the medieval clothes manufactured by a fashion stylist from Bagnoli. Many other attractions catch people’s attention: folk dances, waders and flag - wavers - whose performances are the results of a long-lasting twinning with other regions – and, of course, many stands where the visitors can taste local food which should be paid for in the old coin. The event ends up with the San Felice castle fire – a 30-minute firework show. And to make the experience even more genuine, during the whole exhibition visitors are told a specific plot which immerses them into the atmosphere of the past.

But I think my recalling should stop here, because you ought to discover on your own what lies behind the different moments in history. Briefly, 18 august is the perfect day for a leap into the past to rediscover values, feelings, and to gain an insight on peasants' life. Nonetheless, this event is the right way to promote regional growth by bringing out the historical, cultural, and gastronomical heritage at once!

Written by:
Claudia Succi – YLR in Isernia

(Molise - Italy)

Claudiasucci              jj             ddd

MA in International Relations & Politics - Postgraduate Degree in International & Diplomatic Careers

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