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22 November

COP22 - Local and regional hopes for a balanced climate

In December 2015, in Paris, 195 countries committed to join the global fight against climate change. The main objective of this first-ever universal, and legally binding agreement was to limit global temperature rise at 2 degrees by 2030. The current effects of global warming are visible in daily meteorological changes and natural phenomena worldwide. Even though opinions on the actual cause of different natural dissasters oftenly witnessed in the last periods are contradictory, climate change is a real problem the whole planet should fix. 


For this reason, this year the 22nd Conference of the Parties (COP22) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was organised in Marrakech. During his participation in this event, President of the CoR and FEDRA Honorary Committee member, Markku Markkula, stated that “local and regional authorities have a central role in delivering climate action, being responsible for executing around 70% of climate change reduction measures and up to 90% of climate adaptation actions.” Now it is clearer than ever before that in order to stop climate change, one has to start from a local level. It is crucial that local and regional governments join forces with the civil society and gain knowledge about funding opportunities to support environmental projects in order to reduce the global warming threat.

FEDRA, as an organisation representing the EU regions and supporting regional growth initiatives, does not only approve of the local-regional approach to the fight against climate change, but it is also willing to stand by the European regions and bring forward their environmentally friendly, energy efficiency initiatives. If you are one and alone in the struggle to stop global warming, send your initiative to The organisation will take the lead in spreading the news about your projects, and in offering counselling for its development. 



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