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Neamț (RO): The Region of Neamț bet on turism and on the development of SMEs for sustainable growth Andrei Dascalescu
25 November

Neamț (RO): The Region of Neamț bet on turism and on the development of SMEs for sustainable growth

The Romanian region of Neamț, 27 years after the communist era, is still experiencing a deep transition towards a more sustainable and durable economy.
From the big state-owned factories in Săvinești, in great part dismembered by private competitors as a result of the disorganised turn towards the market economy that caused a deep deindustrialisation and emigration of the youth, Neamț is now raising its head and starts looking at the touristic potential and how to stimulate the local businesses


One of the main actors in this transformation, that aims to fill the economic and the know-how gap between Romania and the other EU member states, is the North-East Regional Development Agency (N-E RDA). As Neamț is too small a region to be considered under the European regional policy, it constitutes, together with other neighboring regions, the North-East Development Region (in Romanian ”Regiune de dezvoltare Nord-Est”) which is equivalent to NUTS II. The N-E RDA, as an intermediate body for the implementation of the Regional Operational Programme, financed under the European Regional Development Fund, has a key role in reducing intra and interregional imbalances in order to increase the quality of life and achieve high standards.

Since December 2014, indeed, N-E RDA is one of the founders of the first Cluster in Neamț region, called Cluster Tinutul Neamțului. The Cluster aims to support the innovation, branding and to understand the new trend of the touristic field known as "experience industries", in order to make from the development of experiential tourism products a new springboard for local SMEs.
On the 22nd of September, 2016, the N-E RDA has been again, with the Municipality of Piatra Neamț, promoter and founder of the first business incubator of the Neamț Region. Called HUB Biz Activator, it is a structure designed to encourage, facilitate and accelerate the development of new talent, new and existing businesses, through a range of resources and support services, which could include physical space, access to funding, mentoring, coaching, training, development partnerships and, most importantly, connecting with the wider world. A structure to support the community as a whole.

The support of the North-East Regional Development Agency is fundamental for all the regional initiatives, because it helps them develop strategies, attract resources and provide services which stimulate sustainable economic development, partnerships and citizens‘ entrepreneurial spirit. The future development of the Neamț region depends on RDA’s facing the challenge of providing the region with opportunities for all the youth who emigrate, and integrating them in the existing social structure of the region.

Written by:

Ștefan Căliman - YRA in Neamț


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