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07 December

YRA in Calabria participates in the SME Assembly 2016

Francesco Foglia, FEDRA YRA in Calabria and a journalist in European Affairs based in both Brussels and Italy, participated in the Youth Essay Competition held as part of the SME Assembly 2016 in Bratislava, Slovakia. 


Competing in this contest of ideas about the world of SMEs makes Francesco an active and responsible youth, trying to bring his own contribution to the European policies. During his business and law studies, Francesco noticed that there was no European youth company legislation. As he was determined to fill in this gap, at least with a great idea, Francesco decided to sign up with a proposal for a framework “with many features that could foster youth entrepreneurship in Europe.” His proposition was justified by his vision of the economy 10 years from now. In Francesco's opinion, for a growing population with diverse needs, “SMEs must be of a proper size to meet the dimensional challenges to serve more diverse markets. The internet of things and future innovations will affect the speed at which there will be this change compared to now.” With this image in mind, Francesco decided to pave the way for a solid market of the SMEs using his "For a European Youth Company" essay.

Following the SME Assembly 2016, the YRA considers his participation as a “great opportunity to learn from within the world of European SMEs, the current state of affairs and future scenarios.” The gained knowledge was dubbed by practical experience gained through high-level workshops and networking sessions. Having lived this life-changing experience, Francesco returned to FEDRA to share his contribution in the name of the European youth and their regions.

FEDRA is proud to hear such great news about its YRAs, and welcomes and supports any initiative of this sort, as long as it ensures the development of the EU regions. 


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