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11 January

Campania Region (IT): Discovering the Black King of Bagnoli Irpino

Bagnoli Irpino is a small Italian village located in the heart of the “Monti Picentini Regional Park”, well known in Europe for the black truffle (Tuber Mesentericum),  the “Black King of Bagnoli”. Every year, at the end of October, it hosts the “Mostra Mercato del Tartufo Nero di Bagnoli” (Bagnoli’s Black Truffle Showcase), one of the main gastronomic events in Campania Region, with more than 150.000 visitors and 200 stands. 

Additionally, Bagnoli is a stunning touristic place surrounded by the Apennine Mountains offering a variety of animals and plants, ski slopes, and natural grottoes. It is a member of the “Truffle City” National Association and one of the most important Italian centres for truffle trade.

The “Black King” grows in symbiosis with the oak trees and the beeches of Bagnoli Irpino area. It is a renowned high-quality food, with a unique smell and dark colour, mostly used in the Italian and European cuisine but also for the production of  cheese and alcoholic drinks. It represents a  Campania product of excellence, a symbol of the relationship between humans, nature and tradition.

Bagnoli’s Black Truffle Showcase which takes place in the historic centre of the village represents an opportunity to link local cuisine with the cultural, artistic and natural heritage of the area. Craft exhibitions, excursions, folk music, local food and the black truffle are on the main stage. The festival is a stepping stone to boosting the local economy through touristic activities, and it represents an opportunity for the whole Region to foster business and investment. Nonetheless, it helps the local products and the black truffles in particlar occupy the place they deserve on the European market, thus preserving and promoting Campania Region while promoting its renowned richness. 

Written by Marco Nicastro

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