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24 January

Paniculata - The clothes which make you think

Paniculata is a Spanish fashion brand created by Gabriela Rose in 2013. During her years in college, Gabriela, a fashion, and graphic design graduate, learned everything she needed in order to create, launch and grow her business by herself. It all started with a collection of denim shirts, “My Angel”. And so kind was her angel, that Gabriela’s first line evolved into the brand which now covers accessories, menswear, and children’s clothes. Despite her success, Gabriela wants to own a brand which is exclusive, unique, and environmentally-friendly. In 2014, Paniculata included in its portfolio men’s clothes made out of organic cotton materials. After 3 years on the market, the Spanish brand keeps its core target, women aged between 25 and 50, with exquisite taste in clothes, but tries to cater to the needs of a more diverse audience. What all the customers need to have in common is just the desire to wear something different, something original, in one word, handmade.

Paniculata is not intimidated by the big Spain based clothes brands because it knows that there are still people out there who appreciate the brand’s uniqueness. “Small businesses can´t compete with the big corporations, but we can survive by giving what the big ones don´t. We love to produce ethically and with really good quality products. We try to give a personalised treat to the people that buy us. Nowadays, we still are doing prêt-à-porter, but we are more focused on handmade dresses or outfits.” The small producers care more about giving their utmost attention to one detail on a shirt, than to set the trends. It is this attitude, the passion, and the fine touch which keep small entrepreneurs on the market, in a dedicated segment. Even the fashion seasons happen according to a different calendar in the Paniculata universe. “Every week we design new products that we show on our social network pages”. It looks like the big guys cannot keep up with this fast pace of design and production.
However, the competition sets a good example when it comes to sales strategies, communication, and building a company's image. The big brands “are an inspiration for us. We should always be aware about what our competitors are doing and how they are achieving things. We think that it is a really good way to see the mistakes we are making, how to fix them and then grow.” So, either inspired by the ambition of other producers, or because it wanted to explore new areas, Paniculata wants to focus on creating elegant pieces of clothing, outfits for events and luxury products without “forgetting small prêt-à-porter collections every season.” But now the present is here and Paniculata does a great job in making a mark in the fashion industry. A growing company which promotes values bigger than its place of origin, across regional boundaries.
Paniculata seeks to change people’s consumption behaviour, to make them buy and wear clothes responsibly, to think outside them. For this reason it is an initiative worth FEDRA’s attention and support. All the clothes Paniculata made, displays, and will ever create, can be found on their website. From there one can easily find ones way through the “universe created by the fantasy of the designer”, as Maria Rose describes her brand.

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