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06 February

YRA of the month - Ștefan Căliman

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Ștefan Căliman is 28 years old and he is the YRA of Neamt.

He has a Bachelor's Degree in Political Sciences and a Master's Degree in European Studies. He also own a Master in European Project Management.

Currently, he is working as Assistant Project Manager at the Department of Economy (Roma Tre University).

His hobbies include reading, trekking and politics. 

His life philosophy is: "My philosophy can be synthesized quoting Seneca "Vita est militia super terram". I think that everyone have to pursue a high goal, trying first of all to improve himself and then to improve the society. Because as Goethe used to say, "to live as one likes is plebeian; the noble man aspires to order and law".

What are your values?

"I learned to give a great importance to the punctuality and consequently to the given word. When I don't manage to maintain my word, I always try to avoid to be lawyer of myself but a strict and lucid judge of myself in order to improve next time. I love and respect the millenary European tradition founded on values as Truth, Justice, Honor, Loyalty, Fidelity, Sacrifice, Courage, Hierarchy. Values to which, in my small way, I try to get closer."

Why do you think the regional level is important for the European Union?

"The regional policy is very important for the EU not only because offers the possibility to correct the different levels of development by working in a closer institutional circle to the citizens, but also because it empowers to the regional actors to be more autonomous towards of State. This relative autonomy allow the regions to catch up the ground despite the national allocation of the budget, by pursuing its strong points."

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