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09 February

Calabria Region (IT): Europe can help tackle the pest of pine forests

Francesco Foglia, Italian journalist and FEDRA Young Regional Ambassador for Calabria region, submitted a petition on fighting the spread of the pine processionary moth to the European Parliament calling for the development of a European plan to tackle and prevent this problem.

The pine processionary, a defoliating moth commonly found in southern Europe, is a highly destructive species for pine trees, and is considered to be one of the biggest dangers facing Mediterranean pine forests. Moreover, national and regional provisions are not sufficient to tackle the problem, as they focus on short-term measures.

According to the European Commission, the pine processionary moth is widely spread throughout an extensive part of the European Union, thus the adoption of any quarantine measures against this organism would not be justified.

However, there are some EU instruments to help the Member States and their regions, especially those who are still free from this organism. If they meet specific conditions, they might be recognised as protected zones through the adoption of a Commision Implementing Decision and be subject to specific protective measures. Additionally, If the damage by the pine processionary moth amounts to at least 20% of the forest potential in a particular area, it is possible for the Member State or Region to use Article 24 of the Rural Development Regulation (1305/2013) to activate EAFRD funds to pay for the 'restoration of damage to forests from natural disasters and catastrophic events'.

European regions should make smarter use of these existing opportunities and should  combine efforts to implement legislation and policies.


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