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03 March

Refrion Srl - solutions for energy efficiency

Refrion srl (www.refrion.comis a centre of excellence for innovation located in Friuli-Venezia Giulia region, north-east of Italy. Since its foundation dated about 14 years ago, it has shown impressive and costant growth and has already achieved important goals in technological innovation and environmental sustainability fields.

According to its CEO, Daniele Stolfo, continuous investments in most advanced and latest generation products and customers’ satisfaction are of paramount importance for such outstanding perfomance. Group’s plants are strategically placed in north-east of Italy and Austria which make up the so-called “Cooling district”. It is considered the heart of modern Europe gathering the highest concentration of companies operating in air heating and cooling sector.

Efficiency, quality and environmental protection are key elements of Refrion’s philosophy. In recent years, the company has become an international technology leader in the manufacturing and supplying of dry coolers and heat exchangers applied at commercial and industrial level. The company is well-established on the European market and its product are present all over Europe serving prestigious building: the European Parliament in Brussels, the Hilton Hotel, the Musikverein in Vienna, the data centre of the Royal bank of Scotland and the National Stadium in Warsaw. Driven by international ambitions, the company is currently focusing its efforts to enter the North American market.

Energy efficiency is one of the top priorities of the European Union for the upcoming years. Since heating and cooling in our buildings and for industries account for half of the EU’s energy consumption, important savings should be realized in this sector. Refrion slr contributes to tackle energy wastage in line with the European strategyby combining high-performing patented technologies, that grant maximum Efficiency, lower consumption and tailored-made solutions.

Among the most cutting-edge innovations, Ecooler is the flagship of the business line which proposes an air conditioning system where performances and heat exchange capacity are enhanced and water and energy consumption minimized thanks to a system that uses adiabatic saturation and water recycling. Energy savings are also realized through a Digital Intelliboard that monitors, identifies and tracks in real-time the parameters of every installed unit. A wide-range of market applications are possible, from air conditioning of commercial and industrial buildings to cooling of industrial machineries, essential to optimize production processes in modern industry.

Dry coolers are customized to the end users’ needs and scope of use, i.e. building surface areas, type of insulation systems and activities performed. To test and certify these personalised systems, a highly innovative Climatic Chamber was inaugurated on December 17, 2016 close to Refrion headquarters. Currently, it is the largest in Europe and the first laboratory specifically designed to test dry coolers.

The Climatic Chamber is a technological equipment that simulates all possible real-life thermohygrometric conditions and allows to validate performances and features of dry coolers. Several advantages will result from this innovative facility:

1) Access to a “guarantee of performance” for clients.They can be presented during Final Acceptance Tests to check whether fully compliance with their requirements has been fulfilled;

2) All products which are tailored-made and outside normal standards can be certified avoiding to outsource the process to third parties that may not have the adequate physical space;

3) The department of Research and Development benefits from the possibility of testing and assessing new proof-of-concepts and speed up the pace of innovation.

Refrion is looking ahead to the future and to continuing consolidate its position as a leading technological force in the sector. Following a 2-years financing programme to guide the enterprise (the company) towards an increasing digitalized and interconnected manufacturing process to keep the pace with Industry 4.0, it represents a symbol of innovation, quality and professionalism.

Written by: Michela Mattaloni - Young Regional Ambassador in Friuli-Venezia Giulia (Italy)


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