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04 May

Sicilian history, culture and food introduced to passengers of a German cruise

On Wednesday 26th of April 2017, a German cruise ship with more than 3500 passengers plus crew anchored in the port of Catania, the east-coast of Sicily. The Comuni Amici organization in collaboration with all municipalities in this island welcomed the passengers of the cruise with typical Sicilian products and handicrafts, but also different social events and tours were offered to visit Sicily.

The idea sprung from the concept of hospitality. But also the tourist will spend money in the area and therefore should be welcomed in an exceptional way. Based on this idea, an 'exhibition' was set up near the terminal where the Comuni Amici provided information about the territories, as well as the promotion of typical gastronomy and crafts.

In addition, a service center for cruise ships, crews and port visitors was organized. The service center, which provided not only tourist information that was organized by the Region and the Municipality of Catania, also provided a wide range of activities for entertainment. Moreover, there were different means of transportations such as busses, bikes and cars for the tourists to be able to discover the beauty of Sicily more easily.

On the arrival of the cruise ship Mein Shiff 3 with its 2500 passengers and 1300 crewmembers, a welcome event was held with a typical Sicilian theme. A delegation of musicians and performers, coming from Piazza Duomo in Catania to the cruise terminal to play some traditional music for the audience.

The delegations from the municipalities of Mazzarino, Aidone, Mirabella Imbaccari, Enna and Piazza Armerina, were also there to give a warm welcome to the guests.

Ettore Messina, the founder of Comuni Amicivsaid said: ‘because they cannot stay in Sicily for a longer period, we try to give the tourists that are coming from all around the world a real impression of Sicily and that they can have a better understanding regarding our history, culture and food. Hopefully this can lead to the growth of tourism in the region as well. 

-Written Aida Amir Aslani 

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