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The Jordaan is one of Amsterdam’s oldest and most famous haunts. Only a brisk ten-minute walk west of the city centre, the neighbourhood personifies the image of crooked gabled houses and rippling canals that Amsterdam has become synonymous with (for better or for worse).

Meet Angelina Arkhangelskaia YRA in Salzburg, Austria!

Angelina is 26 year old and has MA in European Union Studies, and is currently doing a PhD in Law . She is passionate about politics, economics, law, international relations and diplomacy.

Her life philosophy is:"Life is unpredictable. Everything can happen. It is important to reach the goals, go till the very end and not to regret about past, but think about present. Because after all, everything is possible. This goes hand in hand with her life values which are: Success, achievement, fairness, kindness, learning, respect, respobsibility, growth, happiness, love, wisdom, openness and inner harmony.

The city of Tirana is located in the central-west part of Albania. It is not only the most populated city in Albania, but also the administrative, economic and cultural center in the country and one of the largest cities in the Balkans. With a population of over 800,000, Tirana has become one of the busiest cities in the region with a fast growing expansion.

Tirana also is the center of the Tirana Region. From the last territorial - administrative reform in 2015, the Tirana Region (or county) incorporates the municipalities of Tirana, the municipality of Kavaja, the municipality of Rrogozhine, that of Vora and the municipality of Kamez.

Meet Claudia Succi  Young Local Representative in Isernia (Molise region, Italy)

Would you like to discover one of the most attractive place in Italy? If yes, follow me in this little trip across the Lazio region. But first, where is exactly Lazio?

Lazio is an Italian region located in the center of the country, the second most populated after Lombardia, and home to Rome. Capital city and center of Italy's political life due to the presence of the government and the Parliament. It is also the Catholic world center due to the presence of Vatican.

Internationalisation and advanced technologies has always been two of the key focuses of Fedra. After organisating the 3D Printing panel during the European Business Summit in 2016, FEDRA this year is participating to the In(3D)ustry event, happening at Fira Barcelona (Grand Via Venue) from October 3rd to October 5th, 2017.

Since July 2017, Estonia holds the Presidency of the EU Council of Ministers making it the perfect time to highlight some of the most beautiful places in the country.

1) Kadriorg in Tallinn

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According to the European Commission, one in six people in the European Union has a disability that ranges from mild to severe, making around 80 million who are often prevented from taking part fully in society and the economy because of environmental and attitudinal barriers. In order to tackle these issues, the Commission recognises sport and physical activity as being extremely valuable in the context of social inclusion and integration for people with physical and mental health disabilities.

We interviewed INSPORT+ project to learn more about how different local actors use sport to help with social inclusion. The project is co-funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+ Programme and its goal is to develop a network of partner organisations across Europe involved in promoting social inclusion for people with mental health problems and mental disabilities.

According to the FUSIONS report of the European Commission of 2016, around 88 million tonnes of food are wasted annually in the EU. Because of this, member states and EU stakeholders are looking for every opportunity to prevent food waste and strengthen sustainability of the food system, even at local level. This month, FEDRA interviewed YourLocal, a Danish start up fighting against food waste at local and national level.

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Meet Aida Amir Aslani, The Young Regional Ambassador of the Catania region in Sicily, Italy 

Aida Amir Aslani is among one of our most enthusiastic, motivated and kind Young Regional Ambassadors, currently representing and living in the region of Catania, in Sicily, Italy.

She loves the island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea because she has a passion for the very rich culture, history, heritage and traditions. She also believes that the island geopolitically is very important as Sicily is located between three continents.

Furthermore, Aida states that: ‘‘Despite the fact that there is a considerable gap between Northern and Southern parts of Italy socially and economically, this region in the recent years has striven to benefit more from its potentials and resources to bridge this gap than ever before!’’. But next to all that that she just highly appreciates the climate!