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Young Regional Ambassador of the Month (11)

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Meet Eva De Troij, YRA in Haut-de-France

Eva is a 23 year old talented young lady with a bachelor degree in European Political and Social Sciences from ESPOL in Lille (France) and a Master of Arts of European Public Affairs (EPA) from the Maastricht University. She did her Masters’ internship at FEDRA before becoming a Trainee for MEP Matthijs van Miltenburg and then his parliamentary assistant for the REGI committee. She is currently working for the ALDE Group as assistant in JURI and BUDG committees.

Meet Angelina Arkhangelskaia YRA in Salzburg, Austria!

Angelina is 26 year old and has MA in European Union Studies, and is currently doing a PhD in Law . She is passionate about politics, economics, law, international relations and diplomacy.

Her life philosophy is:"Life is unpredictable. Everything can happen. It is important to reach the goals, go till the very end and not to regret about past, but think about present. Because after all, everything is possible. This goes hand in hand with her life values which are: Success, achievement, fairness, kindness, learning, respect, respobsibility, growth, happiness, love, wisdom, openness and inner harmony.

Meet Claudia Succi  Young Local Representative in Isernia (Molise region, Italy)

Aida 1

Meet Aida Amir Aslani, The Young Regional Ambassador of the Catania region in Sicily, Italy 

Aida Amir Aslani is among one of our most enthusiastic, motivated and kind Young Regional Ambassadors, currently representing and living in the region of Catania, in Sicily, Italy.

She loves the island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea because she has a passion for the very rich culture, history, heritage and traditions. She also believes that the island geopolitically is very important as Sicily is located between three continents.

Furthermore, Aida states that: ‘‘Despite the fact that there is a considerable gap between Northern and Southern parts of Italy socially and economically, this region in the recent years has striven to benefit more from its potentials and resources to bridge this gap than ever before!’’. But next to all that that she just highly appreciates the climate! 

RodrigoAmaral Photo

Meet Rodrigo Ferreira do Amaral, The Young LocaRepresentative of the Porto region in Portugal

Rodrigo is a young MA student in Development & International Cooperation, and currently works for the Portuguese Platform for Defence Industries as a Project Manager Assistant at the Ministry of Defence. He has also obtained a Bachelor in Political Science & International Relations, and is currently a Young Regional Ambassador of his region in Porto, Portugal.


Meet Katarzyna Borowska, The Young Regional Ambassador of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie region  

Katarzyna Borowska is one of our best motivated, enthusiastic and kind Young Regional Ambassador to the Kujawsko-Pomorskie region. Aged 29, from Brodnica Poland, she has finished her master degree in European Studies and works for the newly opened House of European History in Brussels.

Her first and biggest passion is to travel around Europe. Katarzyna loves hiking, especially in the mountainous areas. She is also very into bicycle trips, going from town to town with her luggage strapped to her bike. She believes that traveling around ‘enables you to perceive the world around you from a totally different perspective’. 


Meet Fancesco Foglia, The Young Regional Ambassador in San Giovanni in Fiore (Calabria) 

Francesco Foglia is a young Italian EU Affairs Journalist and is an active Former Young Regional Ambassador in the city of San Giovanni in Fiore, in the Calabria region of Italy. Aged 25, Francesco is currently doing his master’s degree in Business Administration and has finished a bachelor’s degree in Economics. Before he became an EU Affairs Journalist, he worked as a young economist for the regional think thank: ‘Opencalabria’.  

Meet Giulia Vazzoler Young Regional Ambassador in Veneto from August 2015 to August 2016.


Meet Tiago Filipe Tavares Costa, Young Regional Ambassador in Azores (Portugal) 


Tiago is 30 years old and is from Ponta Delgada, São Miguel Island, Azores.

He has a Master Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Lisbon and a MBA from the University of the Azores. He is currently taking a Post-Graduation course in Digital Marketing at the IPAM – The Marketing School.



Ștefan Căliman is 28 years old and he is the YRA of Neamt.

He has a Bachelor's Degree in Political Sciences and a Master's Degree in European Studies. He also own a Master in European Project Management.

Currently, he is working as Assistant Project Manager at the Department of Economy (Roma Tre University).

His hobbies include reading, trekking and politics.