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Le Marche is a quite unknown region located between the Adriatic Sea and the Apennine mountains in the centre of Italy. I wish you could feel the same excitement that I feel while I am writing about it. That I can let you smell, taste and feel the sensation of this magnificent area. Our virtual trip throughout the Le Marche region starts with the question: what can we see there?


Meet Katarzyna Borowska, The Young Regional Ambassador of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie region  

Katarzyna Borowska is one of our best motivated, enthusiastic and kind Young Regional Ambassador to the Kujawsko-Pomorskie region. Aged 29, from Brodnica Poland, she has finished her master degree in European Studies and works for the newly opened House of European History in Brussels.

Her first and biggest passion is to travel around Europe. Katarzyna loves hiking, especially in the mountainous areas. She is also very into bicycle trips, going from town to town with her luggage strapped to her bike. She believes that traveling around ‘enables you to perceive the world around you from a totally different perspective’. 

FEDRA is happy to announce a partnership with Itinari. One of FEDRA’s most important priority is to promote European regional assets as FEDRA highly values the importance of creating bottom-up project to support and revitalise growth and competitiveness in the European regions. This also includes travel and tourism which are also part of FEDRA’s key ecosystems.

The partnership is the explicit result of two young organisations working together. One at European level and the other at local level. In particular with travel and tourism these are also part of FEDRA’s key ecosystems. 

This week FEDRA is taking you to Eger in Hungary!

Located in the northern part of Hungary, Eger is one of the oldest Hungarian cities. Its architecture reflects the cities long history and multiculturalism. Indeed, Eger was first inhabited by Hungarian tribes that built the foundation of Eger’s castle in the 10th century. Today, Eger’s castle is home to an art gallery and a permanent exhibition.

Neapolitan pizza is the most famous Italian food product in the world. A real symbol of Italy, a mix of art, culture and tradition. It has its origin in the Italian city of Naples where it developed during the 18th century. After having spread across Italy, it was brought to the United States by Italian immigrants in the late 19th century, making it famous throughout the world.

Some of you may have heard about the Azores archipelago, as it is the target of well-known media such as the National Geographic and Eurosport. It also organizes some of the well-known world events like: the Azores Airlines Rally (FIA ERC), the Azores Airlines Pro (Surf – WQS) and the Azores Trail Run. Nowadays, this amazing archipelago is being discovered by people from all over the world, and with it they are starting to believe that a paradise on earth truly exists.

On Wednesday 26th of April 2017, a German cruise ship with more than 3500 passengers plus crew anchored in the port of Catania, the east-coast of Sicily. The Comuni Amici organization in collaboration with all municipalities in this island welcomed the passengers of the cruise with typical Sicilian products and handicrafts, but also different social events and tours were offered to visit Sicily.


Meet Fancesco Foglia, The Young Regional Ambassador in San Giovanni in Fiore (Calabria) 

Francesco Foglia is a young Italian EU Affairs Journalist and is an active Former Young Regional Ambassador in the city of San Giovanni in Fiore, in the Calabria region of Italy. Aged 25, Francesco is currently doing his master’s degree in Business Administration and has finished a bachelor’s degree in Economics. Before he became an EU Affairs Journalist, he worked as a young economist for the regional think thank: ‘Opencalabria’.  

Whenever people are talking about Latvia, it is almost the same as they're just talking about the capitol: the city of Riga, which is already a well-known destination for celebrations.

When talking to people that have visited Latvia, they can tell you everything about the wild nightlife, parties, (garlic) food with names they cannot pronounce and of course the old town centre with her beautiful monuments, cathedrals and churches. But if you'd ask them if they have ever been outside the city to actually visit the rest of the country, you can easily expect an answer like: 'I'm sorry, no time', 'Nah, life here is good' or 'Leave me alone I have a hangover!'. 

Suceava County is located in Bukovina Region (Buchenland-name given in 1774 by the Austrian Empire, or in Romanian translation "Țara Fagilor") in Romania. It is considered one of the most beautiful counties in the country, mostly because it is part of a historical region which over time has made its mark on the people of this part of the country. In 1975, FIJET (Federation Internationale des Journalistes et Ecrivains du Tourisme) has awarded the prize "Golden Apple" (equivalent of the Oscars in tourism), Bucovina region, the first region in our country that has received such an award. Since then and until now local authorities in Suceava county but also from all the region have expressed a particular concern for attracting a large number of tourists in this area of ​​the country, promoting a series of tourist attractions with great historical significance but also with an emotional charge.