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Use FEDRA's Expertise hub to engage with Europe

FEDRA has built a team of senior experts in public and regional affairs in Brussels (former head of regional offices, former MEPs, experts in EU financial institutions, & programmes, association management professionals). Our Pool of Experts are ready to support the various types of regional representations and organisations regardless of if they are based in Brussels, in organising all aspects of their regional activities within Brussels.

The well-known regions and multinational corporations have large offices in Brussels. FEDRA’s team aims at providing the smaller regions and regional businesses the same level of expertise and access in Brussels. Given the growth potential that they have, they deserve it!


What does it include?

For the members of FEDRA's community who require assistance and support, our Team will become an extension of your own team in Brussels, helping you with the:

  • Representation of your needs at EU level (information, advocacy);
  • Information on all EU funding opportunities;
  • Support for writing winning project proposals so as to receive investment from Belgium for your region/projects;
  • Commercial representation to gain new interregional business for your regional businesses;
  • Promotion of tourism and cultural assets from your region in Brussels;
  • Organisation of Brussels delegations, visits & events.

Organisations interested in using FEDRA as their Brussels Team only need to pay a single & minimum membership. This includes using FEDRA’s EU assistance service (hotline) to answer your questions anytime. It also includes the use of “FEDRA’s House” as your official address in Brussels.  

For special support services (such as writing EU proposals or organisational Brussels visits), FEDRA’s Team will analyse your exact needs and provide quote on a case by case basis. Therefore, you only pay a minimum membership activation fee, and only invest more when new opportunities present themselves.


Interested in becoming a member?

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