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Whereas EU officials & stakeholders (Commission, Parliament, Council, Brussels media) can influence EU regulations and policies, there are also “regional key players” across the European continent who play a far more important role in communicating at grassroots level, and contribute in creating the conditions for a project, a product or a service to be understood and accepted worldwide.

Until now, the important community of “Regional Growth Actors” ‘(i.e. public or private stakeholders who shape business at regional and local level for the 500 million citizens) has not been sufficiently engaged. This is why FEDRA wants to create the largest community of Regional Growth Actors in Europe, support their projects and help them to better connect with each other. We aim at gathering 20.000 Regional Growth Actors by the end of 2016 and we are already half-way through!

Brussels is so overwelmed with communication from European Officials everyday that, sometimes, we tend to forget that there are people with real influence at the regional level. And they are almost never engaged. The is exactly why FEDRA created the largest community of Regional Growth Actors in Europe. 


What does it include?

 For “FEDRA's Partners” who want to engage with the community of Regional Growth Actors, FEDRA’s Team will help you understand how best to connect with local key influencers in the European regions. This will be done through:

  • An analysis of FEDRA partners’ project and free recommendations for disseminating & communicating in EU regions (dissemination, grassroots campaigns);
  • The development of communication projects in targeted EU regions and towards targeted regional stakeholders;
  • The access to 800 media outlets in the European regions to strengthen your messages  at grassroots level;
  • The organisation of all dissemination activities needed for your EU projects

FEDRA Partners only pay an annual partnership fee. It includes an enhanced presentation of the project on the digital platform and its promotion in our weekly, twice a year (the form of which is to be agreed on with our partners).

For special support services (dissemination of your project, creation of your community), FEDRA’s Team will analyse your needs and provide quote on a case by case basis. Therefore, you only pay a minimum membership activation, and invest more when new opportunities present themselves

Are you interested?

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