YRA's Benefits

Become one of FEDRA’s Young Regional Ambassador

You are between 22 and 30 and think the regional level is really a good tool between the citizens and Europe? If yes, then you have the D.N.A. to become the FEDRA’s Young Regional Ambassador of your region.



• You will be engaged in a Win-Win relation with FEDRA. What does it mean? You will be part of FEDRA’s community. It also means benefits without fees. To sum up, you will be able to access everything FEDRA proposes to its members.

• In Exchange? You will become FEDRA’s Contact Point in your region and simply have to communicate on FEDRA’s activities.



• Be recognized as the representative of your region.

• Have your name and photo added on our website, giving you concrete visibility as one (among 300) regional young Ambassador all over Europe.

• You will gain access to the YRA & YLR Working Group with EU regional experts. Contribute to the YRA & YLR Manifesto by writing an opinion on a regional issue.

• Become a member of FEDRA without having to pay our annual subscription.

  • Write Articles to promote your region that will be published in “Discover my region" section and will be taken into account by Brussels-express magazine for future publications.

  • You can organise an event in Brussels (Regional Flavours Event) to promote local food from your region.

  • Have a chance to be YRA/YLR of the month. After evaluation of your commitment, you can be appointed Young Regional Ambassador of the month. This nomination will give you more visibility at EU level.

  • You can ask and organise meetings with EU officials to bring attention on local and regional issues.

  • YRA Newsletter, you will be updated on FEDRA and YRAs’ activities through our newsletter.


With its Young Regional Ambassadors initiative, FEDRA will get closer to European regions and improve the participation of their actors in regional, interregional and international projects.


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