Our Philosophy


FEDRA is a regional intelligence hub based in Brussels that gathers different types of regional actors from all over Europe (SMEs, enterprises, public bodies, regional agencies, research centres, academic institutes). With a pool of regional and thematic experts, the mission of FEDRA is to inform, educate and assist its members and partners to engage in concrete European regional and interregional projects. Its main aim is not only to “fill in the gap” between the EU bubble and outstanding regional actors, but also to communicate with 20.000 key regional influencers in more than 300 regions.

The 6 regional growth ecosystems covered by FEDRA are:


What is a “Regional Growth Actor”?

A “Regional Growth Actor” is a self-employed, enterprise or any other organization, public or private such as local agencies and universities, in one of the European regions willing to cooperate to growth outside its region. A “Regional Actor” is also a local economic leader willing to promote inclusive and sustainable growth in European regions.


Our vision

FEDRA aims at developing value creation, revitalising growth and competitiveness in Europe by supporting Regional Growth Actors and their initiatives.


Our mission

FEDRA endeavours to put regions and their Growth Actors on the European map through more and better participation in regional, interregional and international projects.


Our Values

  • Openness: FEDRA is a European federation, which means that it seeks to gather members from all over Europe, may they be part of the European Union or not. Furthermore, FEDRA is not limited to only one sector, but is open to trans-sectorial issues;
  • Equality: FEDRA is an independent association. FEDRA’s team will act with the same dedication to its members when defending their interests, regardless of their membership fees, their geographical position or their political affiliation;
  • Effectiveness: FEDRA seeks to promote and support every regional growth initiative. Our proactive approach and the quality of our expertise are the guarantees of our skills;
  • Transparency: FEDRA acts transparently when defending its members’ interests and has subscribed to the European transparency register.
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