Honorary Committee (2016-2017)

Honorary Committee Members are chosen for their support and action in favour of the regional dimension or for their past / current experiences in regional affairs. Each new committee member has to be approved and accepted by resolution at the annual General Assembly. Honorary Members shall have no voting rights and shall not be eligible for election to FEDRA’s Governing Bodies.

FEDRA presents its own honorary Committee with members having a long experience in regional affairs:


Markku markkula - President of the committee of the regionS (Uusimaa - finland)

Markku Markkula.VI


Mercedes Bresso – MEP (Piemonte - Italy)

President of the Committee of the Regions (2010-2012)








Lambert van Nistelrooij – MEP (Noord-Brabant - Netherlands)

Member of the European Parliament Regional Development Committee (REGI)



Jean-Luc Vanraes - Member of the committee of the regions (Brussels-capital - belgium)

jean luc vanraes


hANS MARTIN Tschudi - Former Minister of Justice and Foreign Affairs (Basel-City canton - Switzerland)

Lecturer for Cross Border Cooperation at University of St. Gallen


Yoomi Renström - Member of the committee of the regions (Ovanaker Kommun Region - Sweden)

President of Committee of the Regions' Social Policy, Education, Employment, Research and Culture Commission (SEDEC)



Markus Ferber – MEP (Bayern - Germany)

Vice-President of the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee (ECON)


KARL-HEINZ Lambertz – Vice-President of the Committee of the Regions (belgium)

President of the Parliament of the German-Speaking Community


louis michel - MEP (wallonia - belgium)

European Commissioner for Development and Humanitarian Aid (November 2004 – July 2009)
Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs (July 1999 – July 2004)

Louis MichelV2


Raffaele Cattaneo - Member of the COTER COMMISSION (COR) (lombardia - ITALY)

President of Lombardia's Regional Council

cattaneo 2


danuta maria hÜbner - MEp (mazowieckie - poland)

President of the Constitutional Affairs Committee (AFCO) 



younous omarjee - MEP (outre-mer district - france)

Vice-President of the Regional Development Committee (REGI)



iskra mihaylova - mep (bulgaria)

President of the Regional Development Committee (REGI)



andrey novakov - MEP (PAZARDJIK - BULGARIA)

Youngest member of the European Parliament 
Member of REGI Committee






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