Health & Well-being

Our ability to innovate for improving the quality of life of European citizens while developing a competitive, inclusive and sustainable economy is one of our greatest challenges.
For this objective as well, European regions have many human capital and assets who only needs to be empowered to create better health and well-being equipment, systems and products.

Health and well-being innovation will help creating more sustainable growth in regions and decoupled from the depletion of natural resources as well as will also directly benefits the citizens in all categories of age.

FEDRA will promote new regional networks and initiatives in this ecosystem. In order to make sure innovations benefits citizens in the regions as quickly as possible (e.g. Dissemination of E-Health good practices) .

Well-being, spa and other tourism products in European regions is a way to develop growth activities in rural and mountain areas. Projects or initiatives which could also involve food products, sport and well-being activities will foster the environment-friendly tourism possibilities and will also develop the entrepreneurial culture of the rural citizens with traditional lifestyles. FEDRA will help to create added value with the potentialities of each local or regional actors.

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