Mobility & Transport

Local and regional actors are not only an added value for further European integration and turning territorial cohesion into reality; they are also key drivers in mobility and transport. 70% of the EU population is living in cities, generating 80% of the Union’s GDP. Many clean mobility and transport solutions for the future start at local level before growing to transregional cooperation projects. It is urgent to fully involve cities, metropolitan areas and mobility entrepreneurs in the development and in the implementation of the sustainable urban mobility plans (SUMP’s).

Do you have a SUMP in your region or in your city? FEDRA will help you access various funding streams.

The integrated approach of urban issues (transport, environment, logistics, ITS,…) gives FEDRA’s members the possibility to exchange about this crucial ecosystem. Regional and/or local benchmarking in the field of regional development plans (including SUMP’s) are key issues in FEDRA’s activities.

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